Teaching Assistant 


Selected student comments from Experimental Economics

“The inclusion of discussions when learning new material was very helpful. It allowed me to think more critically about the topic and it was helpful to hear other students' opinions. It also makes things stick better.”

“Andy provided excellent feedback during out research proposal process.”

“Prof Andy Cao went above and beyond to provide thorough feedback on our assignments. His feedback on our project proposals would even include suggested articles or reference that he took the time to find for each individual. These articles helped me better understand what was required of me for that assignment.”

“For a summer class, you did a really good job of making it interesting and giving incentives to come to class (extra credit game participation)”

“If you went to class, all the material was thoroughly covered and explained.”

“Did a great job keeping the class engaged everyday and had a light mood which maintain a great classroom environment”

“He made the class very engaging and fun to listen to”

“He provided readings that could help us get a better understanding of what we were learning”